I had the pleasure of joining Dr Ameet Pinto (@watermicrobe) and Prof Bill Sloan in hosting Professor Nancy Love for dinner last night in Glasgow’s West End ( pic.twitter.com/ofKGD9OxpW ). Nancy is a WEF Fellow and Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan, and is currently on sabbatical at the UNESCO-IHE for Water Education, Delft. She was also the main organizer of the really excellent IWA Microbial Ecology & Water Engineering (MEWE) conference we attended last summer in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Prof Love has had a long career in water/wastewater research, working on many topics and very closely with industrial contacts ( http://envbiotech.engin.umich.edu/love/ ). She is also co-author on ‘Biological Wastewater Treatment’, one of the most-used textbooks in the field ( ).

We had an excellent discussion again this morning, ranging from some of her own work in Ann Arbor and in Ethiopia to our work on our ERC project in Galway and our EPSRC work in Zambia.

I’m looking forward to welcoming Prof Love to Galway during her sabbatical in Europe and also to visiting again soon to Ann Arbor.

- GC

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