Next Zambian visit for Transforming Waste Project

Our ‘Transforming Waste Project’ will be back in Lusaka, Zambia again soon. I’ve been in touch with Lyla Mehta (Institute for Development Studies, Brighton, UK) and Kamal Kar (Chairman, the Community-Led Total Sanitation Foundation) and we’ll visit during the first week of May.

This next phase of our project will focus more on the containment and transport of faecal solids from peri-urban compounds to the site of our planned anaerobic digester at Kanyama.

Meanwhile, we’re moving along with lab- and pilot-scale trails of our new digester technology at Galway. Our nutrient recovery trials are also progressing at Cranfield University. Our pilot-scale trials at Kanyama, Lusaka are planned for the summer.

I’m excited that Lyla and Kamal will join me in Lusaka – their vast experience in sanitation will be invaluable for our various stakeholders meetings. More on this soon.


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